Sustainability Policy

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We have a dedicated supply chain management team who are committed
to the following sustainable procurement principles:

• We Source Locally
We put the end user first and will source locally to them, moving our teams to our client’s location if it’s more environmentally sound to do so.

• We Deliver Direct
With a trusted and robust supply chain we have the confidence for our suppliers to deliver to the end user directly, cutting out unnecessary transportation.

• We Avoid Overproduction
We forecast with and for our clients to ensure ‘just in time’ and accurate quantities of products are produced, cutting down on waste.

• We Are Environmentally Accredited
Working with environmentally conscious suppliers insisting on ISO 14001 accreditation wherever possible.

• We Employ The Most Appropriate Manufacturing Techniques
Having access to a number of production facilities means we don’t have to adapt to deliver, we find the best machinery and process fit for the job in hand, focusing on efficient and sustainable production.

• We Are Going Electric
Replacing all company vehicles with fully electric models.

• We Are Paperless
Keeping our office space operating digitally through task management software, artwork and proofing hosted in the cloud as well as digital invoicing and much more.

Greener, Cleaner Printing

CCM Group and our print partners deliver certified green printing solutions. We care passionately about the environment and our main supply partner is one of a handful of printing companies in the UK to have achieved both ISO14001 and Forest Stewardship Council - FSC - Certification. Carbon balanced papers is now our main agenda, we are currently working with a large paper group to provide a credible solution for our customers to reduce the carbon impact in their paper-based communications.
In brief Carbon Balancing is where the carbon impacts of a product or service have been estimated and an equivalent amount of carbon is prevented from being released or absorbed into the atmosphere.
Our partner’s FSC Approved Printing Company Certification is the most recent environmental award and acknowledges that they have been audited and are deemed competent to be part of the FSC Chain of Custody Process. This allows us to print on FSC Certified Papers and provide you with a guaranteed FSC product that has been tracked from its point of origin to the point of it being printed and dispatched.

Green Printing Policy Statement

This is our policy in detail, which we are always striving to enhance and expand.

• Paper
All paper, board and packaging used meets our stringent environmental specifications and as a minimum these materials are ECF or TCF - Elementally or Totally Chlorine Free - which is the kindest way to bleach the pulp.
We actively encourage and promote the use of FSC Certified Paper, 100% Recycled Paper or paper containing an element of recycled fibre.

• Reduce or Avoid the use of Chemicals
Our inks are vegetable oil based - specifically linseed oil - as opposed to mineral oil.
Vegetable ink has virtually eliminated our emissions of VOCs - Volatile Organic Compounds - into the atmosphere. These VOCs are a major source of ozone pollution and are a potential health hazard to our staff.
We promote full colour printing which uses significantly less chemicals, solvents and paper in job setup and press cleaning than traditional one- or two-colour printing.

• Reduce and Recycle Waste
We have reduced our unavoidable production waste of paper and chemicals by up to 85% and will continue to seek ways to further reduce such waste. We segregate, re-use and recycle the waste unavoidably produced in our production processes.
Wastepaper and spent aluminium printing plates are collected for recycling, as are spent chemicals. We invest in the latest production equipment which is more efficient and less wasteful of materials in the first place.

• Legislation Compliance
Our partners are fully compliant with the Hazardous Waste Act 2005 and waste is segregated and collected for recycling by licensed contractors.
We are assessed regularly by independent auditors to ensure we are doing everything as we should and continue to improve as a requirement of our ISO14001 certification.

• Removing Cost Barriers
We continue to remove the cost barriers that previously discouraged customers from adopting the use of environmentally friendly green printing. Our buying power enables us to purchase eco-friendly paper and materials at a lower cost than many printers pay for conventional alternatives.
Investment in the latest equipment enables our print partner to remain highly competitive on price within our business sector. We now offer a range of online ordering systems to further reduce client order processing and time, these savings are passed onto our customers.

• Removing Quality Barriers
We have eliminated the quality barriers that previously discouraged customers from adopting the use of recycled FSC papers and eco friendly materials. The vegetable oil based inks used on our printing presses deliver an increase in print quality over conventional mineral oil based inks.
Investment in the latest and most efficient equipment delivers a higher quality of printed product than the industry average.

• Commitment
CCM Group along with all of our partners care passionately about the environment and do our very best at all times to deliver truly eco-friendly green printing services.