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CCM Axis is built on flexibility, offering an exceptional online experience. We currently supply affordable quality PPE for the general public.

What do you get when you combine responsive brand creation and quality product development with an exceptional customer experience? A limitless and pioneering venture which solves customer pain points, by taking existing problems and solving them in a new way.

CCM Axis is the new and exciting B2C division of CCM Group. We’re a business built on flexibility, with an outstanding team that is capable of reacting fast and strategically to unpredictable market changes.

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The Next Big Thing

Through conducting robust and thorough market research, as well as understanding our consumers and their needs, we’re seeking new avenues and opportunities to grow our business and offer a seamless customer experience regardless of the focus. Stay tuned for more upcoming business to consumer brands built by CCM Axis!

"Knowing that great customer service is obviously central to your business means that I now won't hesitate to purchase further products from your company in the future."

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