Time to ‘Go Hard’ on Social Media?

Social media likes, follows and messages
23rd Mar 2020
Posted By Tina Brown

With businesses having so much to focus on and coordinate right now, the last thing that may be getting the attention it requires is the management of their social media channels. This part of the marketing strategy possibly always suffered from neglect, but to continue to neglect it in today’s climate could now be irresponsible.

But hey, we’ve got more than enough to worry about without that being a concern, right? Well, it depends how you view the importance of social media marketing. If you consider the recent research conducted by Marketing Week it could be wise to look at bumping social up the priority list, today;

“Marketers in general feel that the changes in behaviour during this period will be wide-ranging and could change the way we consume media. Some 88% predict an increase in consumers’ use of online services, while 86% expect to see a rise in social media activity and 79% predict an increase in ecommerce usage” - (Source: Marketing Week).

If your business sells services or products online, then you have a captive audience ready to buy. All you need to work out is how to leverage the power of social media and how to do this quickly.

Fortunately, there is a rich library of blogs and online tutorials to help you with your social strategy and here are a few sites to help you get started:

The team at HubSpot, have produced this insightful review of some brands that are getting it right on Facebook; 9 of The Best Facebook Groups We've Ever Seen, and they’ve even put together an online course to give you the practical help you need.

Smart Insights offer a Social Media Marketing Toolkit through their paid membership that provides lots of resources to help you to implement your own social media strategy.

The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) provides templates and advice on how to create a strategic social media plan and a whole range of useful articles in their area of expertise.

Another paid for subscription provider, Mention, provides some neat checklists for tips on getting the most from Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

Providers of an online Social Media Management tool, US based, Buffer have lots of good blog articles focused on achieving social media success. This list is extremely short, especially when you consider that if you were to throw a virtual stone across the web you’d most certainly hit a website promising to provide the ‘killer’ strategy or online tool for guaranteeing social media success. Yet ultimately, when you strip it down, the most important factors to achieve social media success are that you have clarity on your brand proposal, you know your customers, and you truly care about engaging with them.

The logistics of how you link these three elements is where a helping hand can be useful. At CCM we don’t offer a one-size fits all approach to your social media marketing as we understand it’s not always as simple as plugging in a bit of automated software to get the results that you need. We understand the importance of driving it from the heart of your business.

If you are struggling to dedicate the time to reading, researching and delivering the intricacies of your social media plan then give us a shout, we’ll happily give you an honest appraisal of what you’re doing now and if you’re having success, provide advice that will help you to continue, or if you need a helping hand we can look at working alongside you as an extension of your team to achieve your business goals.