The Top 3 B2C Brands Killing It in the Online Customer Service Game

Top 3 brands with excellent customer service
28th Sep 2020
Posted By Jamie Clifford

It goes without saying that for a consumer-facing business to be truly successful, they’ve got to have their audience at the heart of their operation. One huge part of that is customer service; the way in which the brand communicates, reacts and responds to their customers.

With the increase in e-commerce and social media platforms, the way customer service is carried out has radically changed over the years. Social media and the concept that anyone can say (pretty much) anything they want for everyone else to see, has opened the door to a whole wave of potential criticism and backlash - but also plenty of opportunity too.

Did you know that in the UK, 70% of consumers expect a response from a brand when they leave a comment or complaint on social media? (

By tactically investing in your digital customer service, you should see a profound effect on the reputation of your brand. We’re taking a little look at some of the companies that are way ahead of the game when it comes to communicating with their customers online.

1. Innocent

The well-known smoothie and juice company, Innocent, has absolutely hit the nail on the head with its overall usage of social media. And they respond to their inbound tweets with exceptional imagination and hilarity!

We love reading their tweets and there are so many brilliant examples we could share. The social media team at Innocent have truly perfected the art of personalisation when communicating with their audiences and no matter what the subject is, they’re always ready to get involved and engage with their customers. If you haven’t already, make sure to check out Innocent’s Twitter for some LOLs.

Lesson learnt: Get personal with your customers to make them feel extra special!

2. Gymshark

The brand was founded in 2012 by 19 year old entrepreneur, Ben Francis. The company founder has grown up in the same era that social media has flourished, so as you would expect, he is extremely well versed in utilising it successfully for business.

Having recently become a billion pound brand, Gymshark utilises a lot of influencers in their social media marketing, showcasing their products with as much diversity as possible. One of their recent posts, featuring @_nelly_london, a young influencer recovering from an eating disorder, received some backlash from a number of Instagram users. Rather than ignoring these negative comments, hoping they would be camouflaged among a shroud of positivity, the brand responded in the best way possible, outing the “keyboard warriors” and standing up for their customers everywhere!

Lesson learnt
: Don’t be afraid to stand up for your company values!

3. Trusted PPE

One thing you might not know about CCM Group is that we actually have our very own consumer brand, and guess what? It’s built on delivering an amazing customer experience.

Trusted PPE is one of the leading personal protective equipment companies in the UK, with the consumer experience rooted at the heart of its business model. The live chat function on the Trusted PPE website is just one of the features that makes the brand really stand out from the crowd. Research conducted by Super Office found that only a mere 9% of companies utilise a live chat facility on their website and ours is actually manned by a friendly team - rather than just a chat-bot - meaning customers receive the best possible service at all times.

Lesson learnt: Customers appreciate speedy, personal responses!

There are so many brands, big and small, that are consistently smashing it with their social media efforts and online customer service; some of our other favourites include KFC, Yorkshire Tea and Eve Sleep.

Keeping customers onboard through inventive, efficient and on-the-ball communication is vital to retaining a positive brand reputation and increasing awareness. At CCM Group, and at Trusted PPE, we’re passionate about our people and our customers and that is why we put such an extensive focus on delivering exceptional customer service. To find out more about the work our consumer brand is doing, head over to the Trusted PPE website.