The Post-Lockdown Low-Down: Getting your Business’ Strategy Back on Track

Getting your business strategy back on track.
15th Sep 2020
Posted By Katie Anderson

Global pandemic, lockdown and WFH… oh my! Although many businesses are starting to see the light emerging at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel, it’s time to get realistic and seriously start thinking about how your business is going to transition out of lockdown and in which direction your marketing is going.

Your competitors will already be well on their way with planning their post-lockdown strategy, so why aren’t you? Now really is the time to be considering your options in order to enhance your business strategy, build your brand’s reputation and increase those conversion rates.

So the question is, where do you even start when considering an agency for marketing and business support? Well, take a look at our tips below on what to consider when deciding whether or not to outsource elements of your business to an agency.

1. Make sure you’re getting bang for your buck

By outsourcing marketing and design work to an agency, you are utilising a pool of experts whose skills, ideas and knowledge you just cannot replicate within your own workforce for anywhere near the same cost. Outsourcing to a creative agency can mean you are essentially hiring a marketing manager, senior designer, marketing executive, junior designer and an account manager all rolled into one, meaning you can reap the benefits of having continuous, expert support on your important business projects.

At CCM we ensure value for money by offering bespoke packages tailored completely around our customers’ wants and needs. Our ‘pick and choose’ pricing structure means customers can simply select the elements of marketing they need for their business strategy.

2. Question if an agency practices what it preaches

Challenge the agency at hand and ask them to give examples of where they’ve been successful in marketing their own business. If they’re offering social media services, ask them to demonstrate the best impressions they’ve ever received on a single social post. Ask them what improvements they’ve made to their own website in the past 12 months and how these changes have improved conversions.

At CCM we’ve just undertaken a fresh new rebrand along with launching our brand new shiny website! We recently reached 255,220 people on one single post on our Facebook page as well as increased our page likes for the month by 180%. We helped one customer to improve their social page’s unique visitors, views and clicks by over 1,000% in their first month of outsourcing to us. At CCM, we practice what we preach, and then we channel the value we hold for marketing into our customers’ strategies too.

3. What value added extras is the agency offering?

At CCM, we provide a full service offering to our clients to ensure that they can come to us for pretty much anything creative, marketing, print and product related and this is what makes our customers stick around.

Our marketing professionals offer the likes of social media, email marketing, content and direct mail management, as well as strategic marketing planning and even SEO, whilst our incredible designers can create jaw dropping artwork, develop new branding (completely from scratch!) and they can even help you launch a new website. Our print and product experts can then put your logo and branding on almost any product or print you could possibly think of.

4. Choose fun but practical!

Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of agencies out there. How are you meant to choose from them all? Notably, start with points one, two and three above, then ask yourselves if they seem like the kind of people you want to be working with. Are they going to make your lives easier? Do you feel like you’d have a great working relationship with them?

We’ve all got very virtual in recent months due to the pandemic, and you’ll probably be pretty virtual with your agency. Can you call them with ease and have a professional but friendly chat? What technologies do they have in place to make communications between you both as easy as can be? At CCM we use an instant messenger app called Slack to chat with clients. Here’s what one of our great customers had to say about the the way we communicate:

“The systems that CCM have shared make collaborating so easy and streamlined. Having one main point of contact like Rachel [our Client Marketing Manager] keeps you on the same wavelength, making marketing simple and a joy to be a part of.” - Hannah Sherriff, Sales Coordinator at Mainline Group.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with one of our experts today via to find out how the team at CCM Group - whether it be marketing and creative, products or print (or why not, a bit of everything!) - can support your business with making a post-lockdown comeback!