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22nd Feb 2021
Posted By Rachel Knibbs

‘Personal brand’ is a term that we hear a lot more of nowadays, but what exactly does it mean and why is it so important? Even more so, how do you effectively build a personal brand?

Whether you know it or not, everyone has a personal brand. If you were to Google your name, what do the results show? Are they positive or negative? Do the results identify your strengths and what you’d like to be recognised for? Do you even appear in the search results? There is quite a lot to think about.

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The brilliant thing about a personal brand is that you have the opportunity to take full control of the narrative associated with your name, and investing in your personal brand will open you and your business up to a realm of opportunities. However - this takes time, dedication and a consistent approach. Personal branding isn’t something that can be achieved overnight, you really do have to be prepared to dedicate time and efforts towards it in order to notice and achieve results.

A personal brand is about finding your niche, a story that is unique to you, and building a profile around this. As the saying goes, people love to learn about people, and through giving yourself a voice and a platform, you’ll notice that you won’t need to necessarily go searching for opportunities, opportunities will find you.

Elon Musk

Think about globally recognised entrepreneurs such as Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk - not only have they marketed their businesses exceptionally well, but they have built on their own personal profiles too and as a result they are known for their own achievements, stories and insights that they share and inspire people with as well as the businesses they have.

If people like you they will listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.” - Zig Ziglar

Personal branding is something that our professionals at CCM Group have been investing a lot more time and effort into - and the results we’ve seen through sharing more personable, relatable and strategic content are truly incredible. Not only have we had genuine business leads coming directly to us, but our organic networking and PR opportunities are also rapidly on the rise and we’ve formed some incredible (and beneficial!) relationships.

If your online personal profile is something you aren’t focusing on or prioiritising, then this begs the question; what opportunities could you be missing out on?

What is a personal brand?

A personal brand is your story, your skills and your experiences that make you unique, including the highs and the lows. It defines who you are within your industry and how the outside world sees you. Being strategic in the way you portray your personal brand will allow you to build those all important connections and trust with like-minded professionals, clients, the media and future prospects.

Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” - Jeff Bezos.

Too many people still consider a ‘brand’ as being solely linked to an organisation and not an individual, but with the escalation of social media platforms, industries becoming more saturated and competition being tighter than ever, a personal brand is something that will put you at a huge competitive advantage.

Why is a personal brand so important?

No matter what your status or authority in a business and society, a personal brand is incredibly important. Not only does it set you up for individual success and opportunities, it will also positively impact the perception of your brand and exposure for the business. Sharing an individual story or experience is a great way to achieve trust, or even better, inspire another and make a positive impact.

Think of it like this, if a current client or potential prospect sees someone from your organisation as an authoritative, inspiring and trustworthy thought leader, this could help to acquire new organic leads and interests, without having to invest heavily in sales tactics that more often push people away and lack authenticity.

“Your greatest asset is your existing passion, the skills you already have, and most of all, your own personal story.” - Daniel Priestley

James Watt Brewdog Personal Brand marketing

James Watt, CEO & Co-Founder of BrewDog is a fantastic example of how successfully utilising your personal brand and platform can lead a brand to success, growth and engagement. James uses his social media platforms to share updates from the business, personal stories, highlights, milestones, mistakes and so much more. In doing this, he’s built himself a reputable name and strong following, whereby people want to engage with him and the brand without even so much as having to send a sales-focused email.

But do you think the CEO of BrewDog is creating all this content each week himself whilst also focusing so much time and energy on the direction of his growing business? The brutal answer is most likely not. He will have a team working alongside him to push out the engaging stories with messaging hooks to build his following and reputation. Business owners are busy, and we get that. That’s why we are here to help you find your niche and gain the best exposure you and your business is capable of.

So, where do you start in building your personal brand? It takes time, precision, consistency and dedication. The first thing being, finding your niche. What is unique to you, what inspires you, what do you want to be recognised for? Once you’ve identified these key elements, it’s all about publishing the right content, raising your profile and partnering with the right people.

Why not let us help you launch your very own personal brand?

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