No more creative block! Simplify your content plan with this 1-topic approach

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27th May 2021
Posted By Rachel Knibbs

Content planning doesn’t have to be complicated, long winded or stressful. Understandably, a lot of people find content planning overwhelming and time consuming - which, it definitely can be depending on your objectives!

But it’s important to remember that there are ways to create and deliver quality content without having to spend hours scrambling for ideas or tirelessly posting on social media 7 days a week.

One of the best ways to get the most out of your content is to keep it simple - choose a theme, repurpose the topic and post at optimum times suited to your audience.

You might be thinking: ‘Won’t it look repetitive if I post about the same thing for an entire week?’ but the answer is no - as long as you do it properly! Let’s give some context to this by choosing a topic to cover - we’ll go with mental health within the workplace. Instead of drafting a lengthy, jargon-filled post that people may not even read, let’s discover how this can be broken down into five (yup, FIVE!) separate posts, allowing you to fill your entire week’s content calendar in barely any time at all.

Content type #1 - Blog: Top 5 tips for improving wellness at work

Audiences love free information, so drafting a really insightful, informative and helpful blog that details your top tips for improving wellness in the workplace will resonate well with them whilst encouraging them to engage. Blogs are a great way to showcase your expertise, get chatty with your target market and demonstrate the passion you have for what you do, whilst also providing useful information which in turn, will result in your audience considering your services.

Content type #2 - Industry spotlights

Is there someone you know within the industry who does workplace wellness REALLY well? If so, mention them within a social post. Not only will this demonstrate your genuine interest in the field, but tagging other accounts and using relevant, trending hashtags will also increase exposure of your profile. A social post for this could be as simple as resharing something from an individual who inspires you (ensuring that the post is relevant to your topic of choice of course) or even just tagging that person in the body of your post to get their thoughts and expertise on the matter. Boost your credibility and connect with other experts in the industry - it’s a win win, right?

Content type #3 - Quotes

Quotes are a great way to connect with your audience as it makes content shareable - which, you guessed it, increases your exposure! Choosing a sensitive, appropriate and inspirational quote to demonstrate the importance of mental health support in the workplace is a quick and easy way to communicate your thoughts on the topic without having to invest much time or effort into creating the content. There are plenty of platforms you can use to create branded quotes for free, such as Canva, which will give your chosen quote that professional edge whilst delivering thought provoking content.

Content type #4 - Video content

The possibilities are endless when it comes to video content, so we’ve picked our top 3!

Let’s break ‘em down:

  • Vlog-style videos. You can talk about your experiences, opinions, thoughts (or whatever you want to cover!) regarding your topic. This could be formatted in ways such as ‘a day in the life of a wellness coach’ or ‘what makes me so passionate about wellness in the workplace?’ allowing you to choose a style that you feel comfortable with.

  • Q&A videos. Team up with someone who’s relevant to your topic - such as a colleague or a corporate wellness specialist and get your audience involved in a live or pre-recorded video. This style of video allows you to really show off your knowledge whilst encouraging viewer participation.

  • Instagram reels. These short, snappy videos are a great way to engage your audience and get information across to them in just 15-30 seconds - and you don’t even have to speak if you don’t want to! You could reuse the ‘top 5 tips’ from your blog and create your reel using those pointers.

Content type #5 - Real life!

What better way to showcase the positive impact that your business and its services can have than giving some real life examples? Utilising client testimonials, case studies and before & after content not only builds trust and credibility with your audience, but it also shows off your expertise and your value without that sales-y (and sometimes desperate!) feel.

One last thing to mention is, make sure you choose a topic that you’re passionate and clued up about. This will help to keep your content varied, even after you’ve repurposed it 5 times - after all, that’s the whole point of doing this right?

If you’re still not feeling confident with your content planning or if you’re not sure where to even start, drop us a line at Our friendly brand specialists are on-hand to help and they’d love to hear from you!

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