CCM Online: Meet the team

Meet the team
25th Feb 2021
Posted By Rhiannon Smith

At the beginning of 2020, as part of a wider company restructure, we dedicated a team to solely focus on product operations. With time, growth, and a global pandemic thrown in too, this has developed into what we now know as CCM Online.

Our knowledgeable products team acts as an extension of a number of business’ procurement teams to supply some of the best quality and lowest price certified products through our reliable and robust international supply chain. Not only do they work hard to source certified products at competitive prices, but with the new option to open a trade account with CCM Online, the team provides exceptional customer service, offering each trade customer a bespoke, tailored service to meet their requirements.

Fancy meeting some of the lovely people we’re talking about? Go on then…


Product Sales Manager - New Business

Product Sales Manager

Sam joined the CCM team in January 2020 (just before the madness began!).

Q: What does your role at CCM Online entail?

Overseeing product sales and our product strategy, I am responsible for all new business activity at CCM Online. I really enjoy getting out of the office to meet new people and build relationships with new customers. The pandemic has put a stop to us meeting so many new people face to face which is a shame, so we can’t wait for physical meetings again as it’s how we build and develop great relationships with our customers. On the flip side, the pandemic has kept us very busy sourcing and selling PPE to a plethora of businesses in need."

"Being able to support and help the likes of care homes and the NHS throughout the pandemic has felt like a huge achievement.”

Q: Before coming to CCM Group, what are some of the roles you’ve been in?

“My first major career was 32 regt Royal Artillery (RA). I spent 6 years with the army before leaving and returning home to be with my childhood sweetheart (cringe). I then went straight into gym sales for a small private club and 2 years later, I was a Sales Manager at David Lloyd. I decided to leave the fitness industry with around 4 years Sales Management experience and came to CCM as Head of Business Development. After only 5 months, I was promoted to Product Sales Manager!”


Account Manager - Trusted PPE

Sales Support

Danielle has been with the company since July last year.

Q. Can you tell us a bit about your role and your connection with Trusted PPE?

I act as the working link between CCM Online and our sister company, Trusted PPE, ensuring all commercial customers can really make the most of the well-known Trusted PPE products, but at lower trade prices with CCM Online. I love working with new customers, giving them the best service possible to suit their business needs. I’m very friendly and chirpy so am always happy to have a good old chat over the phone to address any queries they have and solve any problems they may be facing. Our trade account users on CCM Online really do benefit from an enhanced purchasing experience and I love working with our customers to give them this.”

Q. How has your previous experience helped you to deliver in your role at CCM?

"I have been with CCM Group since July 2020, where I started as Sales Support. I quickly learnt the product range, developed new processes with the customer journey in mind and assisted the sales team in the day-to-day operations. I was then offered the role of Account Manager which I felt was a natural progression for both myself and the direction of CCM Online."

"I have always been in primarily customer-focused roles, where I’ve learnt to understand the needs of the customer and provide the perfect solution. My experience alongside my education has enabled me to perfect my client management skills, acting as a front-line representative between the company and its stakeholders."


Sales Manager - Key Accounts Team

Product sales manager

In July 2020, as our products customer base began to grow, we welcomed Jon on board.

Q: What do you do at CCM Group and what’s your favourite thing about working here?

“I am responsible for the account management of all CCM Online users. My job allows me to support our customer buying journey by utilising our global supply chain relationships to provide high quality and certified products. Supporting our existing customers, and offering them the best, most bespoke experience possible, is my favourite thing about my job and I can’t wait to get back on the road again meeting more people face to face."

Q. Can you tell us about some of your previous experience that led you to CCM Group?

"I was a senior support worker for many years, before having a nasty motorbike crash which resulted in 9 month off work. I then moved into my first product sales position at a company called Phoenix IT. Around a year later, the company was taken over by Daisy Group and simultaneously, I progressed to being an internal Account Manager. Within the next few years, I moved up through various seniorities of Account Management roles in the company, until I finally became a Product Manager. Whilst in this role, I managed the relationships with some of Daisy's biggest partners (HP, Dell, Lenovo, Microsoft) which afforded me even more experience. It was after a year of doing this role that I joined CCM Group."

"I think a lot of my successes in sales stem from the experiences I had in my 4 years as a special needs support worker. It taught me so much about being compassionate and empathetic, which are invaluable skills to have in sales."

To learn more about CCM Online and the perks of opening a trade account, read our blog here or to shop the website, click here.

We’re always up for a chit chat, so feel free to get in touch any time at or give us a ring on 0115 666 9261.