Life During Lockdown - What Day Is It?

Lockdown - what day is it?
24th Apr 2020
Posted By Chelsea Peek

We are now over a month into our lockdown... my daughter developed a cough at the start of what was to be our final week of freedom and therefore we went into isolation on the 17th March.

So, what has happened during that time?
The days have all merged into each other. We have home-schooled, celebrated birthdays, reflected on a cancelled wedding, enjoyed Easter, grown our family, partaken (but never near winning) in great online quizzes, and introduced our children to the Harry Potter film marathon whilst exploring The Tiger King series on Netflix.

Being perfectly honest, the time has flown and on the whole, I have enjoyed it – it is important to focus on the positives at a time where the world has completely turned upside down! How lucky am I to be spending so much quality time with my family in the lovely sunshine? Rather than worrying about when things will return to normal (things outside of my control), I have thrown myself into making the next few weeks and months ones that as my children grow up, they will remember... I don’t want them to feel scared and worried. This is their world – their future – their time!

We have developed a new routine, one that involves getting up later and playing in their rooms together and not going to bed until after at least three PJ Mask episodes whilst giving Flopsy Flash (our new rabbit) bedtime cuddles! Reading their school books every night before bed has dwindled, however, their teeth brushing skills are now second to none! We are eating more meals together as a family than ever before, with my daughter and son often helping to cook or choosing what we will eat! Our one hour of exercise each day tends to rotate between bikes, scooters or roller skates (some of which Mummy ends up carrying part of the way) and always includes a trip past our neighbour’s house to check in and collect a chocolate eclair... or two!

The saying that every day is a school day has never been more accurate – I have learnt so much – from alien words, to secondary colours, to how to build a space rocket. In return, I have taught the kids how to dust and hoover properly, how to identify and pull weeds out, and how to separate the dark and light washing! Ha – life lessons I am sure they will come to appreciate at some point, right!? The children’s teachers have also been brilliant in setting daily activities for them to continue their learning and topics at home and we have had various FaceTime and Zoom video calls with their friends to help them all stay connected during this strange time.

Luckily I have been able to concentrate on home life and my children as ‘Daddy’ is still having to work. I still join in on the CCM catch up call for the whole team to chat through how we all are, what activity is happening and if anyone needs any support. It is always interesting to note who only joins on audio as they are still in their pajamas so can’t switch to video (me most days to be fair)?! It is nice to touch base and see and hear people that I usually spend so much time with – even though they are crazy, some of the things we do and say are completely bonkers, our daily catch up somehow helps to keep me sane – if that isn’t total madness?

Having taken the time to write this blog, I can’t help but feel a sense of pride. I am proud of how everyone has pulled together during such a difficult time, I am proud of how well my children are coping, I am proud of our family and friends – some of whom are on the frontline battling this horrid virus to keep everyone safe, I am proud of all the rainbows in people's windows, spreading positivity and hope. Finally, I am proud that this is a moment in history that will give us a chance to reflect and appreciate the little things going forward.