International Women's Day 2021: Who is your female inspiration?

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8th Mar 2021
Posted By Rhiannon Smith

Today marks International Women’s Day 2021; a day where people around the world celebrate female achievements in the journey to forge a more gender-equal world.

At CCM, we strive to appreciate and empower the women in our lives every day. Not only do we have a bunch of hard-working, passionate, inspiring female figures within the company, but we all are inspired by other women, across the globe, too. We asked the CCM ladies who their female inspiration is and why.

From high-profile celebrities and political leaders to an old friend who lives down the road, it's a real mixed bag of inspiration!

Katie, Group Marketing Manager

“My female inspo is Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand. She is a strong and compassionate leader for her country. Taking the pandemic as just one example, she has dealt with the situation brilliantly, making very brave and bold decisions.”

Chelsea, Head of People

“Do they have to be famous? I would probably opt for Kate Middleton if so… But, personally, I have an old school friend who has 4 young children, plus 2 step children. She works full time in a special needs school, and gives so much to her friends and family that I really do not know how she does it!

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Rachel, Client Marketing Manager

“I have two, that I just can’t choose one over the other! Firstly, Princess Diana.

As well as being a massive advocate for humanitarianism, charities, animals and welfare, Princess Diana was a strong and fearless woman who put her own beliefs before the judgement of others. Despite being part of the Royal Family, she was open about controversial topics such as her struggles with depression, bulimia and self harming and publicly admitted to her flaws which was brave for a variety of reasons and would've provided support and hope to such a huge number of people.

“My second is Greta Thunberg. She has become one of the world's most well-known climate crisis activists at just 16 years old. Despite having (and being criticised for having!) Asperger's Syndrome, Greta continually fights for what she believes in and was the youngest person to ever be named as Time’s Person of the Year in 2019. She publicly challenges World Leaders on the topic of climate change and continues to push for global change, which at such a young age, is unbelievable.”

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Tina, Managing Director of CCM Creative

One woman who inspires me is Jess Philips, a plain speaking champion of women's rights.

Keets, Account Manager

“My top three most inspirational women are Fearne Cotton for her openness on mental health and her down to earth attitude. Stacy Solomon for her body positivity, silly playful attitude and crafty ways. Florence Given. She's a huge feminist and posts on Instagram a lot about self love. She's also very into the 70s era, so I kind of feel like I connect with her more because she's on the same wave-length as me, loving an era.

Chloe, PR & Brand Manager

Michelle Obama, not only is she a huge advocate of female empowerment, but she also shows such fantastic leadership qualities too. She’s headstrong, compassionate and a very powerful speaker too.

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Ariane, Graphic Designer

Well, one of my favourite actresses and inspiring women is without a doubt Viola Davis. As a mixed race person, I find her a truly remarkable woman and very inspiring!

Now, on a personal level, I'm quite close at work with two special ladies: Chloe Glover and Hollie Edward. I'm not sure they know how much I cherish our talks on feminism, and I really wanted to give a shout out to them! One of the things that I've learned from the latter, for instance, was how the apparently harmless word "girl" could impact so much on how our women colleagues are perceived. Calling a professional co-worker "girl" might be belittling because it subtly erases your level or maturity and professionalism. I believe that small things like this can make a huge difference in the long run, and I'm truly thankful for having met and learned so much from these wonderful women at CCM.

Rhiannon, Group Marketing Executive

One of the women who inspires me is Eva Longoria. She’s not only a successful actress, but over the years, she has been an activist for Latina rights and people with special needs. I think it is her passion for campaigning about things so personal and important to her that inspires me most.

So there you have it. A pocket full of incredibly inspiring women, from different backgrounds, countries and cultures. There are so many amazing female figures, offering inspiration to us, our mothers and our daughters, and it really does make you think...

If we have so many wonderful women achieving such wonderful things like these in this world, just imagine what could be achieved in a fully gender-equal one.