How to Utilise Your Email Marketing CTAs Most Effectively

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29th Jun 2020
Posted By Katie Anderson

Did you know that 99% of consumers check their email inbox every day? (DMA Insights, 2017) Does email marketing currently form a key part of your overall marketing strategy?

If yes, are you confident with how to format the content in a way that complements the desired outcome? If not, now might be the perfect time to begin curating a strategic plan. Email marketing provides an easy, immediate route to interact with your audience and impact sales conversions. As consumers are becoming more and more influenced by digital innovations, your brand could be missing out on potential leads and sales conversions by not adapting.

Industry research continues to highlight that the future of email marketing is bright! HubSpot’s blog, ‘The Ultimate List of Email Marketing Stats for 2020’ identifies a number of statistics that should not be ignored when it comes to email marketing and consumer behaviours.

So what makes a successful email campaign?

A high level of engagement is key and this is where stand out call to actions (CTAs) come into play. A strong open rate and low number of unsubscribers is of course extremely important to measuring a campaign’s success, but is your audience actually interacting with the content you promote? Without good content that entices people in, engagement with your brand may become stagnated which in return might negatively impact sales conversions.

What is an email CTA?

The tempting buttons and links that a reader is encouraged to click, which enable them to find out more about a product or service. The result of a CTA might be, to download content, read a blog, sign up to a webinar or potentially even lead a customer through to a sale. The sole purpose of a CTA is to allow the reader to engage that little bit further with a brand and their service offering. Each CTA will have a different end goal and this is what helps a brand determine the correct messaging for each particular action.

Types of email CTAs

There are various ways to include or format CTAs within an email. It is important that the type of action included is relevant to the end goal in order to achieve the best results. The most common types of CTAs to include within an email template are:

  • Surveys
  • Subscriptions
  • Purchase links
  • Social sharing
  • Download here
  • Learn more
  • Get in touch

Once the most relevant and desirable CTA has been decided, think about the type of wording, positioning and style that should be implemented to resonate with your customers. Each of these factors play a vital role in influencing how your audience reacts to your messaging. Here is a list of 24 of the best CTA examples by Campaign Monitor to give you inspiration.

Display the right message

The wording included needs to be relevant, snappy and engaging. Make sure that the CTA sounds tempting and of benefit to the end user. Put yourself in the person receiving the message's shoes and ask, what would make you want to find out more information?

The more we can tap into consumer behaviours, the more likely we are to see the best results. For example, consider whether you want to create a sense of urgency and commitment by using words such as ‘Buy now’ or ‘Don’t miss out’. Or alternatively, if you think this is more likely to be off-putting for the desired outcome, use softer terminology such as ‘Discover more’ or ‘Browse here’. Understanding your customers and their needs is vital, by nailing this you’ll begin to understand which CTAs will work most effectively. Remember, it’s the wording you use that may influence a decision.

Position strategically

Once the messaging has been agreed, it’s important to choose the right location for a CTA. Maximum exposure will strengthen the click through rate which should then lead to a conversion and therefore, strategic decision making is key.

Yes, it is likely that the content will be read from left to right or top to bottom, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your CTA should go at the top of your campaign, there needs to be a logical reasoning for its positioning. Consumers are only likely to commit to finding out more information once they know what service or benefit will be offered. It’s a good idea to include some type of introductory text which will encourage more click throughs.

Make it visual

Style and design is key. Think like a visual merchandiser - the more visually appealing something is to the eye, the more likely a person is to engage. The same applies when engaging with a brand, item or service online, the more stand out something is, the more likely a person is going to show interest.

Using bold colours or a button style will ensure that the CTA is eye-catching for the reader. Of course, keep within brand guidelines but also be adventurous and creative! Why not add an animation or a GIF? The more emphasis used, the more likely an individual will pay attention.

Making these three small but strategic decisions can make a huge difference to not only your click through rate, but also to your business goals and how you are perceived.

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