How to Develop a Wellbeing Strategy that Will Work for your Team

15th Oct 2020
Posted By Rhiannon Smith

The relationship between employees and their work varies considerably from each individual and workplace, and the responsibility of the employer can no longer be focused solely on the success of the business.

Companies have an obligation, increasingly now more than ever, to do everything in their power to improve satisfaction, wellbeing and happiness for all of their workforce.

This year, we have seen the coronavirus pandemic dramatically impact on every aspect of life. Of course there has been an extreme effect on businesses and the economy in the UK, but it has also put lives through turmoil, instigating various pressures and concerns including physical health worries and sickness, financial woes and mental health issues too.

Nearly two-fifths (37%) of employers have seen an increase in stress-related absence over the last year, while three-fifths (60%) report an increase in common mental health conditions (CIPD, 2020).

At CCM Group, we have always strived to focus on the comfort and wellbeing of our staff members, and we continue to seek out ways to improve even further in this area. In September, our longest standing business director, Chelsea Peek, stepped into a new role, with a sole purpose of identifying staff needs (both in and out of work), implementing wellness resources and generally making CCM Group an even more comfortable, caring and enjoyable place to be.

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Wellness Wednesdays at CCM Group

Carrying out health and wellbeing programmes certainly shouldn’t be considered a quick tick box exercise to prove a business’ worth; it should be a well thought out and meaningful part of a business’ culture, and engaging employees in this way can have a significant impact on success too.

Employees who feel their voice is heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work (Forbes, 2019).

At CCM Group, our long-term goal is to win The Times 100 Best Small Companies to Work For by 2025. In order to achieve this goal, we must ensure that every one of our employees feels happiness and satisfaction when they walk through the CCM door. This starts with putting our all into improving each individual’s health and wellbeing in every aspect of life, not just when they are at work.

Keep reading for some top tips for implementing a new (and super helpful) wellbeing strategy in the workplace.

Focus on the long-term

There is plenty of potential for short term wellbeing activities, however, to make a true difference to the lives of your employees, you must focus on cultivating a long-term wellness strategy. This might be a weekly activity which builds up to a particular positive outcome for participants!

Ensure line managers are on board

It’s important to make sure line managers are completely on board with your wellbeing strategy first so that they can encourage their teams to be on board too. At CCM, our line managers have monthly 1‐2‐1s with the individuals in their team and in this session, time is spent going through personal wellness action plans.

Identify the specifics

To put it simply - your wellness programme won’t work if you aren’t focussing on what your individual employees need. Before implementing anything new, take the time to get to know individuals’ current health status, their feelings and concerns on particular topics, and find out what they truly care about. You can easily do this anonymously through a survey!

Make it part of your culture from day one

It is important that your employees, firstly, know about your wellbeing initiatives, and secondly know that they have a choice in participating. As you onboard new staff members, make sure to integrate health and wellbeing as part of their induction or very early on in their employment and this will help to instill it throughout your organisation for the long-term.

Make it fun!

Your employees are far more likely to want to participate in your wellness strategy if it excites them, or if there is something unusual about it! Adding a twist like a company wide fitness challenge can be a great way of increasing engagement, as employees will have the added benefit of feeling like they are a part of something bigger. At CCM, we recently enjoyed a lunch time yoga session, allowing the team to unwind, connect and most of all have fun!

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CCM Axis Social Media Executive and self-taught yogi, Chloe: @cllo_yoga.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to health and wellbeing in the workplace; how you approach it within your organisation depends on exactly that - your organisation, your industry, your culture and your people. The most important thing is to keep listening to your employees, focus on their long term aims, as well as your company’s, and keep building to maintain strong trusting relationships between healthy and happy people.

A few things we’ve implemented at CCM Group include individual Wellness Action Plans, Wellness Wednesday group lunchtime meet ups and drop in sessions with our Head of People.