How CCM turned my unlucky 2020 around

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16th Nov 2020
Posted By Nikita Stevenson

Blog written by Nikita Stevenson, Account Manager at CCM Group.

As I begin to write this, fireworks are going off outside. It’s bonfire night and it’s really taking me back to standing in my backyard as the clock hit midnight on New Year’s Eve, just wondering what 2020 would bring.

For a little context, I joined the amazingly welcoming team at CCM in September 2020. Before I joined, however, every aspect of my life was different. Within the first week of 2020, the house I was buying fell through and I was left with a pretty hefty solicitors bill. Thankfully a few weeks later I’d found a house I adored and was ready to say goodbye to my first home and start afresh in my new one with my boyfriend and my dog. I’d made plans to store all my belongings at my parents’ house and I’d stay with my grandparents. Shortly before moving, I unexpectedly split with my boyfriend, and that was the demise of my relationship. Not something I really needed on top of the stress of moving house. But I carried on.

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The first week of living at my grandparents my grandad fell ill and I had to move to my parents and sleep amongst the boxes and random household items. With everything going on in lockdown, moving house was put on hold and living out of boxes was to be extended for the foreseeable future. Thankfully my grandad made a full recovery, but I carried on living with my parents. Because of coronavirus I was then put on furlough. Every day I spent hours doing cross stitch and sudokus to try and take my mind off the fact I could have been decorating my house… If only I could have moved before lockdown.

Time passed and lockdown fever was real, going out to pass shopping over my grandparents gate was the highlight of the week but that was short lived, as sadly at the end of May my grandma fell ill, and within a few days she passed away. For me the hardest part was not being able to see her in the hospital and that no one could be with her to say goodbye. She never saw my house in person, only in spirit.

In June 2020 I finally went back to work, but a month or so later I was made redundant and lost a job I’d been at since I was 18. The fear of having a mortgage and living alone with no job was real. With how my year had been going so far, I really didn't see a light at the end of the tunnel.

But then I got offered a job at CCM Group. It fell perfectly in time with the end of my redundancy notice which was the best kind of luck I really could have hoped for. I was more than excited and grateful that I’d got a new job so quickly during a pandemic. Maybe things were starting to look up? And oh how they did.

Within days of joining CCM it felt like home, no one made me feel like an outsider. Every single person I met was so kind and warm to me and I could finally feel the smile coming back on my face. With each day, I could feel my confidence building which had been something that had been missing for as long as I could remember.

Within a short space of time I really did start to feel part of the family, and I quickly learnt that if my smile ever felt it falter, I’d have the support of my workmates to help bring it back again and that I could always rely on them not just as work mates, but as an extended family.

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Now after being part of the CCM family since the end of September, I can honestly say this is my happy ending of a turbulent year. Knowing that this will be my place of work for a very long time fills me with such joy and excitement. I couldn't have asked for a better outcome to my unlucky year and I can’t wait to see what the future and 2021 brings.

Thank you to everyone at CCM who has helped turn my year around for the better. I’ll forever be thankful.