Four Steps to Achieving Consistency Across Your Social Media Channels

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5th Nov 2020
Posted By Chloe Steele

Marketing your brand on social media should have no question mark against it; there is so much potential that can be achieved through a strong social media presence.

Your social media channels tell the story of your brand and therefore, consistency across all platforms is key. On the face of it, this might sound easy enough to achieve, but the management of your social media channels should be done with efficiency and strategic thought to help grow your audience and strengthen brand awareness.

But why? Put simply, an inconsistent approach to managing your digital presence can pose the risk of customers receiving mixed messages about your brand, as well as positioning it as less reputable against competitors.

This blog outlines our four top tips to achieving consistency across your social media channels.

1. Set the right tone

Your brand's tone of voice is probably the most important thing to consider when managing your social channels. The messaging you portray on your social channels impacts the way your brand is perceived and first impressions count, right? Think about the demographics of your target audience, what content will they relate to the most? Does your brand’s tone of voice need to be more serious, or does it need to convey a more friendly tone of voice in order to be relatable? This can differ depending on the platform, for example, you are more likely to want to portray a more professional insight to your business on a channel such as LinkedIn compared to the likes of Instagram.

If your brand is new to the ever evolving world of social media and you’re not sure how you want to position yourself, test the water with your messaging initially and see what receives the most interaction.

An example of a brand that has their tone of voice nailed? In our opinion, it doesn’t get much better than Innocent. They are a clear example of making humour work. The personality they showcase through a comedic approach is second to none and this is cleverly reflected across all marketing channels. Go on, take a look for yourself - we promise you will not be disappointed!

2. Frequency is key

Coming up with regular content for your social channels can be very challenging, especially when you want to make sure your content breaks through the noise. Of course, the last thing you want is repetitiveness, but a consistent regularity of content is crucial for brand awareness and driving that all important engagement - try and find the right balance for your brand and stick to it. Listen to your analytics and build future recommendations from that.

A social media content calendar is one easy way you can start effectively managing the frequency of your content, and there are some great scheduling tools available such as Hootsuite. Using a platform like Hootsuite will allow you to plan and schedule your content days, weeks and months in advance - genius, right?

At CCM, our marketing professionals work hand-in-hand with a variety of brands, helping them build a social media strategy, tone of voice and social content calendar. Our experts can work with you to curate engaging content ideas that will enhance engagement and those all important conversions.

3. Keep the visuals consistent

The visuals you post out on social media should make an impact. Strong visuals can leave your audience intrigued to know more and can also be a great tool for encouraging decision making. Social newsfeeds are becoming more and more cluttered with information so, how do you make sure your brand breaks through the noise? Visual consistency.

Consistency amongst the visuals that you put out on social media means that, over time, your brand will become more recognised and established. This can be easily achieved through using the correct colours, fonts and style of imagery that best represents your brand. It is also important to remember that your visuals should be appropriately sized for the platform they are being shared on. Uploading visual content onto your social channels that is distorted or blurry lacks professionalism and can be off-putting for your audience.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on how you can create visual consistency, head on over to Aldi’s Instagram page... and then thank us later (disclaimer: it might leave you feeling hungry!)


4. Follow Brand Guidelines

A great way to ensure consistency is achieved across all marketing channels is by creating brand guidelines. Your brand guidelines will define who you are as a brand, how you want to position yourself and how all content and visuals should be used. This is especially useful for new starters to engage with and keeps the whole company's knowledge of the brand refreshed and up to date. With regards to social media management, brand guidelines help when there is more than one person running your social media channels or even more, if you’re working with an external agency.

If you’re reading this blog thinking that consistency across your social media platforms is something you’re struggling to achieve, but maybe you don’t have the resource or time to manage this. Don’t worry - we’re here to help!

Our marketing professionals thrive in supporting clients achieve their goals, whether it be managing your social media marketing as a whole, or analysing your current efforts - our Client Marketing team has got you covered. Get in touch with one of our experts today via to find out more information!