Four Reasons Why Outsourcing Procurement Will Relieve Your Team’s Pressures

4 Reasons to Outsource Procurement
22nd Sep 2020
Posted By Katie Anderson

The pressures put upon procurement teams right now are higher than ever before, particularly due to the pandemic. Minimising these pressures and the impact upon business’ supply chains has been paramount in recent months.

When it comes to budget cutting and increased efficiencies, the heads turn to the procurement team to manage their suppliers better and batter down prices wherever possible. Add to the mix the need for a more sustainable supply chain approach, along with trusting exactly where your products come from, it can be difficult for procurement teams to know where to turn to next to get the expected results.

In this blog we explain four key reasons why outsourcing elements of your procurement will benefit your business.

1. Outsourcing can save costs, helping you to manage your budget better

The need to reduce operational budgets is high on the agenda of the constant pressures facing procurement teams. By outsourcing your procurement you can double your buying team’s capacity without increasing the headcount, meaning reduced costs and higher internal efficiencies. The CCM Products team has strong vendor and manufacturer relationships, meaning with its buying power and supply chain expertise, the team can source your products at a lower cost than competitors, putting your business one step ahead.

2. Utilising an expert third party can help to improve your product knowledge, ensuring quality every time

We recently published a blog on the importance of choosing a trusted product supplier. During the pandemic in particular, there has been a sharp rise in PPE cowboys selling and supplying uncertified products at inflated prices, and manipulating buyers’ limited knowledge on PPE.

Our product experts have been working tirelessly since February 2020 to supply millions of certified face masks, hand sanitisers, nitrile gloves and more to huge organisations in need across the country, including multiple NHS Trusts. With an extensive and certified product range and a guaranteed low cost price, many companies have turned to CCM Products for a reliable and trusted supply of products. Read more about regulations and certifications in our COVID-19: The Importance of Using a Trusted Product Supplier blog. You can also shop our PPE direct over at CCM Online.

3. Outsourcing allows you to focus on more business-critical requirements

Another pressure faced by procurement teams is the constant need for continuous improvement. There’s always a hundred other tasks you and your team could be getting on with, but you simply can’t juggle it all at once. By outsourcing to a trusted, expert products team such as CCM Products, you’re benefiting from the time, commitment and sheer expertise of a full team who can free up your valuable time and resources to focus on more business-critical requirements.

4. Benefit from versatile, bespoke services with a strong customer focus

Tailoring services to our customers’ needs is at the heart of everything our products team do. As well as providing value-added extras to our product service offering such as warehouse storage, fulfilment, and deliveries, we also offer negotiable packages. We ensure our bespoke services are built around your needs, putting you and your team first. We are flexible to suit your business needs and requirements and offer a bespoke service to each and every customer to ensure our bespoke product offering is right for your team and your business.

As procurement plays an ever-growing important role in increasing efficiency and reducing costs across a business, you may need to look to outsourcing to help manage the pressures facing your team. To speak about your requirements further with a member of our products team, simply email or call our Head Office on 01623 625222 to speak to a member of our team today.

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