End of year review: Smashing our financial targets and our exciting next steps

CCM Group 2021 Financial Year Results
26th Feb 2021
Posted By Trent Peek

In March 2020, one week before the national lockdown, our team celebrated the start of our new financial year with a company away day at a hotel, strategising in the day and partying at night. Little did we know that was the last time we would all be together for the rest of the year and the start of one heck of a journey.

One month later, we pivoted the business in response to the pandemic by building a consumer focussed division, successfully launching our first ever B2C brand, Trusted PPE.

One Year Later

So, what did we achieve one year on? From the financial year 2019/20 CCM Group’s turnover was £2.6m. We are incredibly proud to say that our turnover for 2020/21 has reached £9.5m. That’s a whopping 265% increase!

We also tripled our workforce from 16 to 46, creating fantastic employment opportunities for our local Nottinghamshire area.

Which areas of the business did we grow?

The group now consists of CCM Creative, a marketing and design agency that also encompasses the print fulfilment side of the business, CCM Products, which supplies high quality and low-cost merchandise and products to its B2B customer base, and CCM Axis, a B2C division focusing on the development of consumer brands, including Trusted PPE, with plans for another shiny new brand very soon.

Our B2C division has experienced incredible success in the past year and was fully built and developed by our talented in-house team, supported by our operations and warehouse team which have scaled with the brand. In September 2020 we relocated operations from our previous Mansfield premises to a three-story 1,115sqm building including a 650sqm warehouse in Huthwaite. The site has been completely renovated to fit with CCM’s culture, creating an open-plan layout to allow for collaborative working, as well as introducing chill out zones such as a games room and a CCM library.

How has our culture changed?

Amongst a relentless and ambitious year of change, the growth, wellbeing and development of our people at CCM Group has remained a high priority focus. Chelsea Peek stepped up to the role of Head of People centered around staff mental health and wellbeing. With training and personal development time already ingrained in the company culture, there have been a number of brilliant new staff benefits and initiatives implemented in the past year including:

CCM Group Employees

And what’s next?

Our green initiatives and sustainability efforts are a high priority for 2021. We are looking to plant thousands of trees this year whilst also supporting UK carbon reduction projects, in which we eventually hope to take our team to visit the forest in Scotland where our trees are currently being planted.

Our next consumer brand is going green too. Taking what feels like the most natural, logical and exciting next step (or scoot) for our consumer division, is the launch of our electric scooter brand, REEL. The brand’s purpose is to enable human connectivity through a network of people, products and platforms that serve the environment, and we are bursting at the seams with excitement and passion for it!

REEL Electric Scooters

We’re also refining our client marketing strategy and offering an incredible personal brand management service which our own Directors at CCM have already seen incredible results from. Much more to come on that soon!

A few words from our Directors

Trent Peek:

“I have a lot to thank our people for, both old and new. Every decision made and executed over the last 12 months was led and championed by our people. The team's motivation, dedication and innovation is what inspires me every single day.”

Chelsea Peek:

“The topic of mental health is more poignant now than ever, and it is essential for employees to feel valued, supported and empowered, hence the focus of my new role and the many wellbeing focused initiatives I am rolling out across the business.”

Tina Brown:

“After smashing our 2020 goals we can now think ahead to the future. One day we would love to be listed in The Times’ 100 Best Small Companies to Work For. We truly believe employee happiness, alongside customer satisfaction, are major factors to success and this remains at the heart of all aspects of our business.”

Richard Ardis:

“The Trusted PPE team has worked extremely hard to earn the trust of our tens of thousands of customers during very difficult circumstances. Being shortlisted for an award that celebrates excellence in customer service was the cherry on top of the cake - an accolade to the dedication and commitment of our incredible team.”