Enabling Collaboration: Software at CCM

Communication is key to building long lasting and trusting relationships with clients, and as digital interaction becomes part of life's normalities, collaborating through technology has never been more important.

Creative Design and Marketing Services
23rd Nov 2020
Posted By Tomasz Tupaj

At CCM Group, we strive for enabling greatness in everything we do and everyone we encounter along the way. As part of our commitment to excellence, we have invested significantly in a number of digital systems over the years to help strengthen communication and streamline our activity.

The three main collaborative tools we’ve implemented across the group are Trello, Slack and a bespoke marketing portal, and since implementing such software, we’ve established even stronger working relationships with our growing client base as well as improved business efficiencies.


Trello is a collaborative project management tool that makes complex, national allocations and ongoing projects simple. The system provides transparency to everyone involved in a project, from idea conception all the way through to job completion. It is a great tool that organises and visualises all aspects of a job. Not only do our teams use Trello internally to help streamline internal campaigns and projects, but more recently we’ve encouraged our clients to come on board with Trello too. This has been really effective in allowing us to manage print allocations, marketing requests and much more all in one place.

Bring your team together in channels en GB


Since implementing Slack as an internal and external facing system at CCM, we have noticed a huge enhancement in the level of direct and instant communication we have with our customers. The plug-in with Trello means any changes to the boards get fed onto the live chat software for people to see. It encourages collaboration and maximises communication whilst keeping things organised, and who doesn’t love a bit of organisation in their lives?

V Press

Bespoke Marketing Portal

At CCM Group, our creative teams use a bespoke Web to Print system, which is an integral platform for allowing our customers to save time and money on ordering repeat printed products. The platform helps our customers to manage budgets, digital assets and stock levels all through one simple web page. We have over 20 of our customers set up on Vpress including; The Range, Amari Plastics, Tornado Gloves, Westfield Health, Glenair, Chesterfield College, Howarth Timber and many more.

Roger Genis, General Manager at Amari Plastics West London said the following about the bespoke marketing portal which is used amongst nationwide branches:

“Using the bespoke marketing portal saves our business a lot of time, particularly removing the need for back and forth communication. Updating internal documents, customer facing documents, marketing materials and much more has been completely streamlined using this system.”

If you’ve been wondering how to streamline your processes, save time and money through automation, and have full transparency of ordering processes and communications amongst teams and suppliers, then contact our friendly team today to find out how we could improve efficiencies across your business’ print, creative and marketing workload.