6 content ideas that will elevate your personal brand

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10th May 2021
Posted By Rachel Knibbs

Hitting a content wall is a lot more common than people think, and when you arrive at that ‘what do I post now?’ stage, it can sometimes be difficult to stay on track.

However, a regular posting schedule is crucial when trying to grow and develop your personal brand - so although generating content isn’t always the easiest thing to do, it’s important to post the right content and to post enough. We’ve listed some topic ideas below to help get your creative juices flowing, and the good news is, you can create numerous amounts of content for each one!

1. Open up about your challenges

People love an open book and let’s be honest, every single person (and business!) faces challenges at some point or another - so why keep it a secret? If you can share the lows as well as the highs, the relationship between you and your followers will transform. As well as being authentic, genuine and transparent, your experiences will generate interest in not only the challenge, but also the solution and the outcome. Personal branding is all about telling your story and being real with your followers, so incorporating this type of content will allow people to connect with you and your business on a deeper level.

2. Let your clients do the talking

Making use of client testimonials, case studies and reviews is an amazing way to generate positive exposure of your business, whilst also building credibility and trust with your network. Shining a light on positive customer experiences from your own perspective will resonate differently with your audience, as it comes across in a grateful way and shows your appreciation for the small things, rather than just seeming like a sales tool.

Your happy customers are your cheerleaders, and utilising this organic content is priceless.
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3. Recognise your employees and associates

You appreciate your employees, right? Why not shout about it! Showing genuine care and appreciation for the people working alongside you is a great way to boost people’s perception of you - as well as you boosting employee morale. Perhaps you’ve just promoted your Sales Exec, or maybe your Receptionist has just completed a distance learning course? Introducing and acknowledging your team is a great way to highlight your company's culture whilst ensuring your content is varied (and not all about you, all of the time!) Don’t let your employees go unnoticed - see them as your brand ambassadors.

4. Utilise those industry trends

Creating content that’s relevant to the goings-on within your industry is extremely important for credibility. Not only does it help to increase your personal brand's visibility, but it also positions you as somebody who knows their stuff and keeps up to date with relevant industry topics. Monitoring industry-specific news and hashtags within your sector and creating content around those will attract new followers and encourage engagement.

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5. Share who inspires you

We all have people that we admire, people that have motivated us and helped us progress, and sharing these admirations and experiences with your network shows a sense of real-ness and vulnerability, which will further enhance your authenticity. Who’s an authoritative leader that you look up to within your industry? Who’s been your idol since you were 15 years old? Sharing these personal insights will humanise your personal brand, drawing emotion from your audience by allowing them to get to know more about you - not just your business.

6. Utilise your knowledge

You want to build credibility, right? What better way to do so than making use of infographics and statistics. Capture your audience's attention and distinguish yourself as a reliable source by providing informative and useful content so that people have even more of a reason to follow you. Whether you're sharing a comparison of products/services or posting relevant research data, it can help to answer questions that your followers might have as well as backing up your commercial offering. Topical infographics are also incredibly shareable, which is always useful when trying to increase reach and engagement.

Behind every successful personal brand lies a foundation of quality and consistent content - we’ve seen it for ourselves! Our own Managing Director’s personal brand has experienced significant growth through the implementation of a regular posting schedule and relevant, creative content. Find out more in our case study here.

If you need a helping hand with content creation, or perhaps you’re struggling with topics or your posting schedule, we’d love to help. Get in touch with our brand specialists today at marketing@weareccm.co.uk.