Does your business need a digital marketing health check?

22nd Apr 2021
Posted By Rachel Knibbs

With the health and wellness industry showing no sign of slowing down, businesses within the sector need to ensure that their marketing efforts stay aligned with the growth in order to remain relevant.

Brands need to deliver effective messaging to retain existing customers as well as acquiring new ones as the market becomes increasingly saturated and competitive - in other words, a strategic marketing plan is essential.

The market is evolving

The growth predicted in the health & wellness sector was highlighted in a recent article by the Telegraph: ‘By 2022, British consumers are forecast to spend £487 per head annually on wellness, according to analytics firm GlobalData.’ Whilst this shows the potential increase in demand for health and wellness services and products, it also emphasises the importance of innovation, as businesses will have to adapt to stay ahead of the game as consumer trends and behaviours change. One segment of the market in particular that has experienced growth is the corporate wellness sector. According to the Global Wellness Institute, workplace wellness programmes have blossomed into an industry worth more than £31 billion worldwide.

As wellbeing initiatives and programmes are now fast becoming an integral part of corporate social responsibility policies, businesses will need to enhance and improve their marketing efforts in order to ensure that their offerings stand out and attract and retain those all-important customers.

Corporate health is just a fraction of the wellness sector, with the industry also encompassing fitness, nutrition, beauty and more.

Where does marketing come into play?

Developing a clear marketing framework will help businesses to define their direction and thrive as a competitor in the industry. What worked before may now not be sufficient, or perhaps marketing activity was non-existent before! With the industry growth, comes new businesses and competitors, all of which will be focusing their efforts on brand awareness and consumer-focused messaging in order to own a slice of the market share. Adopting new strategies (or adapting current ones) to cater for this industry shift is key in delivering successful results.

The Marketing Health Check

When was the last time you looked at your marketing strategy, and how successful it is? What ROI is it bringing your business? Cue our Digital Marketing Health Check.

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We want to utilise our expertise, experience and knowledge to help businesses within the health and wellness industry to strengthen their overall marketing activities. Our team of marketing specialists are offering a Digital Marketing Health Check, which consists of an in-depth review and analysis of your current marketing activity; including social media platforms, website content, copywriting and more, followed by (no-obligation!) professional recommendations on how to improve or adapt your future marketing activity, to make sure that you’re positioned correctly to attract and retain customers and clients.

Having a comprehensive review of your marketing efforts allows you to make more informed decisions. As well as improving overall efficiency and performance for the future, regular reviews allow you to identify adjustments that you may need to make in the short-term to adapt to a particular situation or market shift. Gaining an expert opinion from an outside perspective can help you to discover new opportunities and we understand that not every business might have the time, resources or knowledge to pinpoint what methods are working effectively.

Our experts have been working with organisations in the health and wellness sector for years. Some of our customers include...

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