COVID-19: The Importance of Using a Trusted Product Supplier

Choosing a trusted product supplier
11th Aug 2020
Posted By Katie Anderson

After many years of sourcing, purchasing and distributing a wide range of products to some of the biggest brands in the UK, we decided it was time to put our invaluable experience and efforts into a new and shiny division of CCM Group: CCM Products.

In 2020 we dedicated a team, made up of product sales, procurement and warehouse experts, to solely focus on product operations. Our knowledgeable product team now acts as an extension of a number of business’s procurement teams to source and supply some of the best quality and lowest price products through our reliable and robust international supply chain. By outsourcing to CCM Products, hundreds of businesses have been able to free up their valuable time and resources to focus on more business critical requirements.

Choosing a trusted product supplier

Your Reliable PPE Supplier

In more recent months, what products would you expect to have seen a drastically sharp rise in sales? You guessed it, PPE! Our product experts have been working tirelessly since February 2020 to supply millions of face masks, hand sanitisers, nitrile gloves and more to huge organisations in need across the country, including multiple NHS Trusts. With an extensive and certified product range and a guaranteed low cost price, we have been the preferred supplier for hundreds of businesses in recent months. Not only that, but we offer warehouse storage, fulfilment and deliveries.

Vicki Golding, Purchasing Manager at Fittleworth said, “CCM has always been my go to supplier for anything particularly difficult or unique to source at good value. When the initial COVID-19 pandemic began, quickly followed by a global shortage of hand sanitiser, I approached CCM to ask whether they were able to source this on our behalf; not only were they able to source these products, but they were able to source at a better cost than we were already purchasing at.

“We were kept up to date throughout the whole process with manufacturing updates, shipping and tracking details and I am pleased to say we now have a stable supply of hand sanitiser. This quickly evolved into also sourcing our nursing PPE, mainly FRSM masks – which we received promptly.

“I cannot recommend CCM enough, throughout the pandemic I have seen many vendors inflating prices; CCM has supplied to us at an excellent cost, within good time frames and have kept us up to date with constant communication through the whole process. If you’re looking for a supplier with excellent values and integrity, look no further than CCM.”

Trusting the Supplier: Regulations and Certifications

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, regulations have changed to reduce the number of counterfeit CE marks (Chinese Export) on packaging from manufacturers supplying poor quality PPE. With the sudden outbreak of the virus earlier in 2020, hundreds of manufacturers sprung out of nowhere, producing illegitimate surgical masks. Huge risks are associated with this and as a result, stricter rules and measures have since been developed to limit this from happening. Prior to the new rules and regulations, manufacturers would have only needed to supply a European Conformity marking, this has now changed and manufacturers are required to also supply a Medical Device Registration. This certification is more difficult to secure and the products being manufactured (particularly Type IIR masks) have to be inspected on a medical basis to meet a specific medical standard. Without such certifications, exports could risk being denied, highlighting the importance of questioning and challenging the source of supply.

Due to the high demand and rise in illegitimate manufacturing, some governing bodies revoked CE certificates between January and March, due to fear that these would not have been thoroughly revised in order to meet both the government and medical standards. It is imperative that the legitimacy of certificates are challenged to ensure the goods you are sourcing are fit for purpose, and this is where our products specialists come in.

Our products division is dedicated to sourcing and supplying legitimate products and want to do whatever they can to make your life easier. With our versatile and cost-saving offering we can improve your internal efficiencies by supplying trusted products. Not only can we provide large volumes of products, we have the recognised credentials, certifications and standards suitable to supply to authoritative businesses across the UK.

Have you got a product in mind for your business but don’t know where to source it? Maybe you already get this product from an existing supplier but know you must be able to source it cheaper somewhere else. Get in touch with our friendly product team today to see what we can do for you and your business by emailing

CCM Products is a legitimate and authorised distributor of PPE. For PPE products under the quantity of 5,000, please visit our business to consumer brand Trusted PPE. For units over 5,000 please get in touch with a member of our product sales team today by emailing us here.