CCM through the years: Meet Tomasz Tupaj

9th Feb 2021
Posted By Rhiannon Smith
"It’s gonna sound a bit cheesy but we’re like a family, looking after each other, helping each other out and having a good time together." - Tomasz

We're continuing our journey of CCM Through the Years, celebrating some of those longer standing team members; those who've watched CCM Group grow and develop as a company over time.

In the second instalment, we're giving a big old shout out to the fantastic Tomasz!

Tomasz Tupaj Senior Graphic Designer CCM Group

Q. Tomasz! Can you let us know what your job title is and how long you've been with CCM Group?

A. Group Senior Graphic Designer. Almost 3 years!

Q. What different roles have you had during your time here?

A. I started as a Junior Graphic designer. My title changed after just a couple of weeks to Graphic Designer and 10 months ago I was promoted to the role of Group Senior Graphic Designer.

Q. How many members of staff were there when you first joined us?

A. I think there were around 17 of us when I started.

Q. What is your favourite memory of being at CCM Group?

A. Bringing my best pal, which is my dog Perun, to the office for the first time! He was a good boy most of the day, but around one hour before I was about to finish, he got bored. I think he wanted to help us out a bit by answering the phones as he was barking whenever someone was on a call. We weren’t paperless at the time so he was getting up whenever someone was going to the printer and following him or her back to the desk. It was a fun day for both of us!

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Q. Aww, we love all the CCM doggies! What would you say the biggest change you’ve witnessed at CCM Group is?

A. It’s happening right now! In the past we’ve been refurbishing our office, hiring new staff etc., but nothing compares to the growth we’re experiencing right now. Almost tripling our staff; moving to the new office; forming a group and its three divisions, and; all of that happened in just one year! And it’s not finished yet, so who knows where we’re going to end up.

Q. Finally, other than bringing Perun along with you, what is your favourite thing about being part of CCM?

A. People. It’s gonna sound a bit cheesy but we’re like a family, looking after each other, helping each other out and having a good time together.

Thanks for sharing your CCM experience with us so far Tomasz! We will have another instalment of ‘CCM Through the Years’ coming soon.