CCM Through the Years: Meet Amy Ricketts

23rd Mar 2021
Posted By Rhiannon Smith
"I love being part of CCM because we are like a big family. It feels so relaxed and everyone is so friendly and supportive."

It’s the third instalment of CCM Through the Years, where we showcase and celebrate individual personalities and find out what some of our longest standing members of staff have experienced at CCM Group, the milestones they’ve seen and their favourite memories.

This time, we’re celebrating someone who's a real part of the furniture! It's Amy!

Finance administrator

Q. Hey Amy! What is your role at CCM and how long have you worked here?

A. I work as a Finance Administrator, and I have been at CCM for over 12 years.

Q. Wow, just a few years then! Have you changed roles and departments at all throughout those years?

A. I first started as Sales Support on the office supplies and stationery side of the business and supported general administration too. I’ve worked my way to where I am now, in the finance department.

Q. How many members of staff were there when you first joined CCM Group?

A. Between 10-15 (that I can remember!)

Q. So, what is your most monumental memory from being at CCM Group?

A. It was a really snowy day and only a few of us could get into the office. We had a huge Dunelm allocation that had to leave us on that day. A very large lorry arrived to collect all the boxes to deliver to all the stores, but when it was time to go, the lorry was stuck and it couldn't move from the warehouse door! Because it was so urgent to go out, we all had to go down and help get it going. We had shovels and even cardboard boxes under the wheels trying to get it moving. Eventually after a few hours we waved bye-bye as it was going back up the hill.

Q. What would you say is the biggest change you’ve witnessed at CCM Group, from when you started to now?

A. The biggest change for me personally was when we went paperless as a business (I didn't think it was going to work), but we managed to find ways around it and it feels better knowing we are wasting less and working so much more sustainably! Also, the amount of people that work at CCM now and when we moved premises. Crazy but very exciting times!

Q. Last but not least, what is your favourite thing about being a part of CCM?

A. I love being part of CCM because we are like a big family. It feels so relaxed and everyone is so friendly and supportive.

Thank you so much for sharing your CCM experience! Find out even more about Amy, or meet the rest of the CCM team here.

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