CCM culture perks: Working from anywhere

18th Feb 2021
Posted By Chelsea Peek

A recent Gartner survey found that 80% of company leaders plan to allow employees to work remotely, at least part of the time, after the pandemic. According to FlexJobs’ survey, 95% of respondents say that their productivity has been higher or the same when working from home.

So, what about taking this to the next level?

Working from anywhere.

Well this is the latest staff perk we rolled out at CCM in December 2020. This is exactly what it says on the tin, an incentive that allows our people to work from anywhere they wish, at any given time, because let's be honest, we don't need to be chained to our office desks to be productive and achieve success, so why keep it that way post-pandemic?

CCM Group Working From Anywhere 2

Tech giants Spotify and Salesforce have announced the same flexible incentives recently, and it is great to witness the business world having a shake up.

Culture is so important to us all at CCM. We trust our employees, we have the right tech in place to communicate from anywhere, and we embrace collaboration. Here’s how some of our team members plan on using the new work from anywhere perk:

Tomasz, Group Senior Graphic Designer
"Back in October 2020, before the perk was officially rolled out at CCM, I worked from Poland for a week. My family lives there, so I was able to spend the week working from home in Poland. I spent the weekend, mornings, lunchtime and evenings with my family. It meant a lot that I was able to visit family and friends, without having to use a big chunk of my holiday allowance."

Rachel, Client Marketing Manager
"I would work remotely from St Ives (Cornwall) and also The Cotswolds. Both of these places are really special to me and my fiancé. With our wedding and honeymoon both happening this year, our annual leave has taken a huge bashing so it will be amazing to still be able to go away on holiday together without having to take unpaid leave or miss out on additional trips altogether!

Pexels rachel claire 4577117

"My plan would be to either work from our cottage, work overlooking the sea on the terrace of one of our fave bars or in a country pub somewhere next to an open fire (or in the beer garden if it's sunny!)."

Jon, Product Sales Manager
"My parents own a villa in Cyprus. Myself and my friend Sam (another Product Sales Manager at CCM) have been trying to go for a holiday with our families over there for quite some time now, and it's never really happened. Now we both work in the same department, it would normally be even more difficult, as ideally we wouldn't both be on annual leave at the same time for a prolonged period. The work from anywhere incentive means we could both enjoy a holiday with our families in Cyprus, whilst still keeping on top of our work."

Richard, Head of Systems
In all seriousness, the pub or a café is a great place to work from if I need to just get on with writing code with no distractions."

Katie, Group Marketing Manager
"This is such a huge perk and something I will definitely benefit from and can't wait to use. With my dad and stepmum living in Austria, I've had to use annual leave previously to go visit them. Now, I don't have to worry about my holiday allowance running out to be able to spend time with family, especially as they work themselves during the week often when I go to visit."