3 examples of personal branding done right

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30th Mar 2021
Posted By Rachel Knibbs

Personal branding is shaking up the marketing landscape right now, and what consumers want from a brand has changed.

Building a narrative for your brand is one thing, but positioning yourself as an expert in your field and connecting with your audience is another. Personal branding takes time, skill, consistency, dedication and much more - but allowing your customers behind the scenes to get to know your business more intimately goes hand in hand with brand transparency and authenticity and that’s what personal branding is all about.

With an overwhelming amount of content available at our disposal, a well defined personal brand helps you to stand out against the noise. Creating engaging, relatable and industry relevant content on the best-suited platforms can significantly help to increase brand awareness, lead generation, overall reach, credibility and more.

Essentially, it’s an extension of your brand and it gives your audience a new way to discover more about your business and the people behind it.

In our opinion, these business owners are nailing the personal branding game and here’s why:

1. Gymshark

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Ben Francis, the founder of Gymshark truly is the ‘crème de la crème’ of personal branding. Alongside building his multi-million dollar business, he created a personal brand like no other, resulting in a following of nearly 150,000 on LinkedIn. He has encompassed his own voice and narrative in association with the business which has reflected positively on the brand in a number of ways.

Consumers can identify with his relatable, inspiring and motivational content and truly understand his success. By striking the perfect balance between professionalism and authenticity, his customers now feel part of the brand and its journey as opposed to just being, well, just that - a paying customer. As the main spokesperson for the brand, Ben’s presence is now influential on consumer decisions. He has driven engagement and increased brand awareness for Gymshark through consistent and varied content - from office tours to personal interviews, and he openly talks about the ins and the outs of the business which gives people another avenue to learn more about his brand in a ‘no holds barred’, ‘access all areas’ manner.

Business content aside though, his posts often touch base with a lot of societal topics too which in-turn, attracts a much larger audience than just gym-goers.

2. Brewdog

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With an impressive 213,200 followers, James Watt, CEO and founder of BrewDog, has a significant presence on LinkedIn. You can’t deny the power of his personal brand - with 9 out of 10 posts sending engagement rates through the roof! His ‘what you see is what you get’ mentality has resulted in him building an enormous platform and developing trusting connections with his consumers.

It’s super refreshing to see a company embrace honesty in the way that James Watt does.

He talks about both the highs and the lows of his business and expresses genuine emotion which captivates a wide range of audiences, as well as infusing humour into his LinkedIn posts which characterises his personality and humanises his profile just that little bit more. It’s important to remember that not everyone has the same outlook on social media - some people resonate with emotional or industry-specific content and some people relate to entertaining content - James Watt has cleverly combined both.

3. CCM Group

Trent Infographic

Last but not least (and we’re not being biased here!) we have CCM Group’s very own Group Director, Trent Peek. After understanding the true value of personal branding, Trent decided that it was time to invest in it - to shout about the weird and wonderful things that we get up to here at CCM as well as what makes him, him. Our brand specialists worked alongside Trent to develop his online presence, creating content around everything from his personal life and experiences, to career-related and trending topics. In just one month, Trent achieved a 156% increase in engagement on LinkedIn, with a reach of over 21,000 through a series of well articulated posts, articles and supporting creative graphics.

The secret to his success? He created a true and authentic narrative. Trent saw results as soon as he started to post and interact more meaningfully on LinkedIn. Not only has Trent’s personal profile seen amazing results, but investing in his personal brand has also had positive effects on the CCM Group brand too - it’s a domino effect! Have a look at this case study of the positive results Trent has received since having a dedicated focus on his personal brand.

Hopefully, these examples have highlighted what a powerful tool personal branding is when trying to differentiate your brand from competitors and the good news is - you don’t have to be Ben Francis or James Watt to perfect your own personal brand strategy! It’s not something that happens overnight, but it’s definitely something that is worth investing in. It takes time, consistency, dedication, research and so much more - which is why our clients outsource it to us as their time and expertise is better placed elsewhere!

The proof is in the pudding and there’s no doubt that it’s a game changer, once your personal brand takes off you’ll soon see the positive benefits.

So, are you ready to create your own personal brand narrative? Our team of brand specialists can help to optimise your profile to not only connect with your audience, but to effectively attract like-minded prospects and leads.

Get in touch with us today at marketing@weareccm.co.uk and uncover the potential for your own personal brand.